A Red Marine Algae Sex Gel

My name is Christopher Scipio and I am a Holistic Herpes and HPV Specialist. I have been a Homeopath and Herbalist for more than 20 years, but it wasn't until I contracted Herpes myself in 1990 and had a bad reaction to Valtrex that I started developing a Holistic Protocol for Herpes and HPV. Even during the heady days four years past when I finally was satisfied with the results my patients were achieving with the protocol, I was still left with a daunting challenge.

Even if you greatly limit the frequency and severity of your outbreaks,  even if you are outbreak free for vast stretches of time, that still isn't enough of a safeguard against infecting others with this lifelong viral illness.

The fear of passing Herpes on to loved ones kept myself and keeps many others reluctant to have a sex life at all and having a happy and active sex life is a crucial step for people who have herpes and hpv reclaiming their lives and not feeling like lepers or outcasts.

Condoms are of course a great tool in making sex safer. But there are problems with condoms-they can break or slide off. They don't offer much help if the man's site for Herpes or genital warts are in locations other than the penis, i.e. buttocks, legs, etc. Dentals dams and saran wrap cannot protect if the site of the viral shedding isn't the vagina or the mouth.

I had been working with seaweed gels as part of my holistic herpes and hpv protocol for a couple of years before learning research that was done on the effect of carrageenan and other components of Red Marine Algae and other Seaweeds on Herpes and HPV.

You can do a web search for "red marine algae and herpes" to read about research that has been conducted, and also "carrageenan and HIV", "seaweeds and antiviral", "seaweeds and hpv", "carrageenan and hpv" and "carrageenan and herpes"

 My Red Marine Algae  Sex Gel is the only completely natural carrageenan containing lube on the market and the only one made by a herbalist who is a holistic herpes and hpv specialist. My gel is also the only one that is made by hand from seaweeds that have been ethically hand harvested either by myself or select colleagues who are all phds in phycology (the  science of seaweeds)
. You may have heard of companies selling red marine algae capsules and lubes made from carrageenan. What you may not know is that much of the the carrageenan in the commercial market is from commercial harvesters that use huge vacuums to suck up all the life on a given beach, destroying habitat and harvesting seaweed of questionable value. This carrageenan is sold for as low as 50 cents per pound which can make 14 quarts or more of carrageenan gel.

My gel is also the only one avaiable in the world that is preservative-free and custom-formulated specifically for people with herpes and HPV.

The Red Marine Algae Sex Gel is made by me with a propietary mix of several Red and Brown Marine Algae and anti-viral herbs . Carrageenan is not the only important element of the seaweeds in the gel. Fucoidan and many other compounds are essential.

For maximum effectiveness the gel must be used with a latex condom or dental dam. The gel is not designed to treat any disease nor is it a contraceptive. Because the gel does not contain preservatives it must be stored in a fridge between use.

In keeping with my principle of providing personal rather than impersonal herbal medicine,
you must have a consultation with me by phone or internet
to ensure that I understand your needs and compound the appropriate formula for your individual situation, to ensure you have an opportunity to ask me questions directly, to ensure we discuss safer sexuality,
and so I can follow-up with you to maintain continuity of care. The cost of the consultation is a one-time only fee of $50.00.

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If after the consultation I determine that The Red Marine Algae gel is not appropriate for you either because you are not adequately treating your herpes or hpv, or that you are not informing your sex partners of your STI status beforehand, I reserve the right to refuse to provide the gel to you and will issue you a full and immediate refund.


Christopher Scipio
Holistic Viral and Immune Specialist

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