A Red Marine Algae Antiviral Sex Gel

My name is Christopher Scipio. I've been an Herbalist since 1986 and a Holistic Viral Specialist for 17 years. I contracted the Herpes virus in 1990 and after a bad reaction to drug therapy, developed a Holistic Protocol for Herpes treatment, Genital Warts (HPV) and Cervical Dysplasia. To help the thousands of patients I have treated practice safer sex, I developed My Red Marine Algae Antiviral Sex Gel in 2006.

My Red Marine Algae Sex Gel reduces the risk of the sexual transmission of all eight Herpes viruses, HIV and other viruses and helps prevent Herpes outbreaks. The gel also helps prevent and treat Vulvodynia.

 My Red Marine Algae  Sex Gel is the only completely natural carrageenan containing antiviral gel on the market, and the only one made by a holistic viral specialist. My gel is also the only one that is made by hand from seaweeds that have been ethically hand harvested either by myself or select colleagues who are all phds in phycology (the  science of seaweeds). My gel is always made by me, and is made for you, when your order,  to ensure maximum freshness

My gel is also the only one avaialble in the world that is free of artificial preservatives.

  My Red Marine Algae Sex Gel is made with a proprietary mix of Red Marine Algae. Carrageenan is not the only important element, many other compounds are essential.

For maximum effectiveness the gel should be used with a condom. The gel is not a contraceptive. Because the gel does not contain artificial preservatives, it must be stored in a fridge between use.

In keeping with my principle of providing personal rather than impersonal herbal medicine,
you must have a consultation with me by phone or internet
to ensure that I understand your needs and make sure the gel will be effective for your individual situation, to give you an opportunity to ask me questions directly, and to make sure we discuss how to practice holistic safer sexuality.
The cost of the consultation is a one-time only fee of $60.00.

If after the consultation I determine that The Red Marine Algae gel is not appropriate for you, I reserve the right to refuse to provide the gel to you and will issue you a full refund.

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Christopher Scipio
Holistic Viral and Immune Specialist

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